Jeff Curtis:   In April of 2015 I took delivery of a CG-1000 from Jordan.  The transition from my HE Tracer to the CG-1000 was straightforward, I got the J-entry and chest ‘chute so putting it on and off was similar.  My biggest concern, landing a single suspension line harness, turned out to be a non-issue.  I was able to get upright enough so it really didn’t affect my landing technique.  It has taken a few flights of trial and error to get my shoulder straps and stirrup line adjusted to my liking but once I did I really love this harness.  It is easy to get into and zip up in flight.  A little pressure on my feet and I get head down for gliding, ease off on my feet and bump more head up for thermaling, and no having to take my hands off the control bar or fiddling with a line and cleat.  It is easy to unzip and get upright for landing.  With the internal pockets for pretty much everything the exterior is clean and I can still get to everything I need. In March of 2016 I had the unfortunate need to deploy my ‘chute.  I had become separated from the glider (no fault of the harness) and deployed during free fall.  I came through this unscathed and as it turned out so did the harness.  I did not get any bruises from the leg loops or shoulder straps, the tree limbs did give me a few however.  I have since heard of carbon back plate harnesses that have had back plate failures during deployment that resulted in substantial injuries to the pilots. It is reassuring to know that this wonderful comfortable harness is also designed to protect the pilot during a deployment.  Thank you for such a fine product.

Paul Sydor:     Dear Jordan Gianforte, Thank you for the great job you did on my harness. It fits great and it looks awesome. I was aware that the CG1000 was sleeker looking and had fewer hang lines than my old High Energy Tracer harness, but I was surprised what a difference it made in flight. The first time I flew the CG1000, I heard a “new” noise from my wing that caught my attention. I listened carefully to determine if there was some kind of problem. I finally figured out that the noise I heard was wind flowing over my sail. I had never heard this sound before. Evidently, my old harness with multiple support lines on my back made so much wind noise behind my head that it had drowned out the sound of the wind on the wing! Hearing the wind on the wing enhances my enjoyment of flying. I love it!

The original USHGA article!

John Alden:   Fantastic!!!! I have been hoping that someone would start making this style harness again, a style way ahead of it’s time and much more cost effective than today’s carbon fiber back plate harnesses. I have spent many hours in CG 1000′s and Raymond Equallizer’s which as you must know was a copy of the CG with a few modifications. I sell many harnesses every year to students and have not been happy with the Z5, High Energy style harnesses. Of all the used harness I use to transition students from the upright training position to prone the Equalizer and CG harnesses are everyone’s favorites.

Scott Schneider:   I started flying in ’97 with a knee hanger. Yea, it was uncomfortable but at the time all I could afford. In ’99 I painted a sign for a friend in trade for a used CG1000. It had some wear and some dirt and grass stains, but my EGO is one that would allow me to not care what others thought. And some had plenty to say about this harness that looked different than all the others at the time. Then they all started having pointy boots and slides with single hangstraps. I love my CG1000 and still fly it! It’s old and really showing it’s age, but I was in it yesterday and it still serves me well!!! Would be very cool to have a new one made and keep myself in what i know I like.

Bob Grant:   I have had two CG-1000s and they are very comfortable. I had two because Floyd Cadwell gave me his and I like the color better than my original one. I just recently flew a six hour and twelve minute flight at Wallaby Ranch and the CG-1000 was very comfortable. Love it ! -Skydog Bob

George Adams:    I owned one of the first CG 1000 harnesses ever produced and that was many, many years ago. This harness endured hundreds of safe comfortable hours in the sky with my longest time being 8.5 hours and it was like laying in a hammock. Besides a few dirt spots, my own fault, it looks like the day I bought it! Plus the new zipper entry was and is the best feature ever. I never had to have ANYTHING fall apart or any repairs done to it. I have heard of his internal support system preventing many possible back injuries in the event of an accidents. I would buy a new one but there is no need because these can last an easy 20 plus years of HARD flying! Great to see them back.

A 2012 USHPA article:

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