The CG-1000 was invented in the early 80s when a young pilot, Jay Gianforte, got together with some of his friends to build himself a better harness. Jay was not trying to start a business, he just needed a hang glider harness and he knew that he could make himself one that was better than any of the harnesses available at the time.

In the process of developing a harness, Jay’s fellow pilot friends added their ideas about how to make a better harness. Jay came up with the idea to have a frame in the back of the harness to distribute the pilot’s body weight, but it was his friend Greg Natke who came up with the idea that revolutionized the hang glider harness. Greg thought that it would improve a pilot’s performance if they were able to change the angle of their body after launching and before landing. And so the adjustable center of gravity was born. Other great ideas came as well: single line suspension, leg door flaps, full chest entry, ect.

After Jay’s friends saw how great his new harness was, they all lined up to buy one. Mark Clark saw the marketing appeal of the harness and encouraged Jay to make it into a business. Clark is what the C in CG-1000 stands for. Clark Gianforte. They chose the number 1000 because that is the number of harnesses that Jay hoped to some day sell. He did, of course, far exceed that number over the 20 years that he manufactured custom fit harnesses.

As with any job, Jay eventually decided to retire.  After about ten years not making harnesses, Jay’s daughters both took up hang gliding and needed harnesses. He also had a couple of friends who just wouldn’t stop begging him to make them new harnesses. So when his daughter Jordan showed an interest in learning how to make them, he decided to pass along the family business.

Jordan is now manufacturing all harnesses. Her father is happily retired knowing that the business is in good hands. Center of Gravity became Fly Center of Gravity and continues the legacy of manufacturing modern, custom made, high quality harnesses.